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Activewear ft lululemon

*We are apart of the lululemon collective and will receive a commission if you make a purchase through the links below, thank you.*

The Pants

I have been wearing and loving lululemon for years, so when My husband and I found out that lululemon now carries plus sizes and mens activewear, of course we had to order some goodies!

Let's start off with these buttery soft pants (worn in photos) from my favorite collection, the Align! I love these pants because they are high rise, have four-way stretch, and are so lightweight. I originally bought a size 20 because I wasn't sure of sizing, and to my surprise they were a bit big in the waist and so now I wear size 18, and they fit our baby bump perfectly!

The Tank Top

I cannot get over the color of this tank top, also from the Align collection (told you it was my fave) hehe! I am wearing it in the spiced chai color, and I love that lululemon offers so many different colors and patterns when it comes to their clothing!

My Husband

My Husband is wearing the classic fit, lightweight shorts , like my pants they have four-way stretch, are lightweight and come in a variety of patterns and colors.

On top he is sporting The Fundamental T-Shirt and the name says it all! It has the perfect amount of stretch mixed with the cotton soft feel, and quick drying!

More to come!

We have more lululemon pieces to share, so stay tuned for another blog post!

have a blessed day, myles and eri


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