Shea Butter | Lou & Marks Presets

Happy Sunday everyone!! Today's post is sponsored by Lou and Marks Presets, YAY! You know how much we love the Golden Goddess preset pack from Lou and Marks, but today we want to talk about the oldie but goodie Shea Butter Preset Pack! Last year Shea Butter was our go to, and we can't wait to start using it again!

The Shea Butter Preset Pack is perfect for those who want to bring out rich tones and brighten the overall photo! Even with a professional camera, it is easy for colors to get washed out, overlooked, or just not catch the eye as much as we would like! Having Lou and Marks Presets has been a game changer for sure, just look at this before and after!

One of the main differences between the Golden Goddess Preset Pack and The Shea Butter Preset Pack is that the Golden Goddess gives off soft, rich tones, where as the Shea Butter Preset Pack gives off more crisp, sharp, rich tones! As you can see, we love both packs hehe!

Another reason we love Lou and Marks Presets is that they can be used on flat lay images! Look at the difference of the photo on the right with the Shea Butter Preset! We love how it really grabs the eye, and gives the photo a more 'clean' look!

This has to be one of our favorite transformations! The Shea Butter Preset Pack picks up the sage and olive tones so well! We love how the rich tones of our skin are really brought out, as well as the color of our jeans!

Thank you Lou and Marks Presets for sponsoring today's blog post! We hope you all have a blessed day and safe, blessed week ahead!

M & E